Welcome to Pair!

Welcome to Pair!

Introducing Pair!

Hi!  We are so excited to invite you to Pair, www.pairpiercing.com!  Over a year ago, we started with the common goal of improving self-confidence and communication for girls and their parents. This goal led us to think about important moments in girls lives that have, until now, been overlooked. Ear piercing and the important year of healing that follows is exactly that; a significant and transformative moment, that until now, has not been cherished as it should be.

We hope you will support us and this new idea, and that you will help us by providing your thoughts and feedback. A year ago, we had no idea how relevant the topic of women finding and using their own voices would be, but we believe in the idea and in what we are hoping to create more than ever.

We are sending this to you, as family and friends who have helped us think through this idea, who have given us feedback and suggestions that have helped Pair become a reality…without you, we would not be here, and we hope that you will be willing to share the link with anyone who you think would enjoy Pair!

If you are looking for a special gift for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, god-daughter, friend…one that she will love and remember forever, a subscription to the Pair Earring Club is a perfect gift!

Thank you!