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With Pair Piercing, our RN’s will provide superior medical ear-piercing services for all ages!

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" We called Pair Piercing because we wanted MEDICAL EXCELLENCE and FUN! The mall or a doctor’s office weren’t good options for us.

My daughter and her friends still talk about her Pair Ear Piercing to this day, and I still cherish the photo we took as she was getting her ears pierced!”
– Carolyn, L. NYC

Recommended by NYC & CT's Top Pediatricians

“Pair is the ONLY option for ear piercing that combines a quality, medically-sound piercing with celebration through a network of Pair Piercers who are Registered Nurses – and Pair also offers an amazing earring of the month club (pick your club page) to allow girls stylish hypoallergenic options when they are ready to change their earrings and the club includes fun content for grownups and girls to do together! A fantastic gift!”

Dr. Nancy Fazzinga, Pediatrician, Greenwich, CT

House Call Ear Piercing
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  • Includes numbing cream and starter studs
  • Medical grade-titanium or medical grade plastic piercing studs

Have your ear piercings done by a professional Registered Nurse in the privacy of your own home.

In order to provide the best service possible possible medically sound piercing services at home, we book by appointment so that our clients are able to have minimal, if any, wait times. We kindly ask that we receive at least a 24-hour notice of cancellation or changes.


Please provide the following information:

What do you use to pierce ears?

Our ear piercing professionals use 2 different methods depending on the age and/or needs of the client:

1) For infants and children we use the Blomdahl® Medical Ear Piercing system which is only carried by medical professionals. For this type of professional ear piercing, we only used medical-grade titanium or medical-grade plastic earrings

2) For teens and adults, we also pierce by needle using pre-packaged, sterile, disposable needles. For needle piercings, we are able to use 14k and 18k gold and titanium. We primarily do needle piercings for upper ear lobe piercings. Cartilage piercings are always done by needle.

What ages do you pierce?

Our ear piercing professionals pierce babies ages 2 months-12 months and then we start again at around the age of 4 years and up, including teens and adults.

We do not pierce toddlers in the office after the age of 13 months but we will do a private house call up until the age of 15 months. Afterwards we always encourage our clients to wait a few years because a toddler is too strong to properly restrain and too young to fully understand the piercing process. Toddlers will almost always try to resist the piercing making it extremely challenging to mark the ears and do the piercing properly.

What if I have a nickel allergy or think I may have one?

Our ear piercing professionals pierce with hypoallergenic medical-grade titanium or medical-grade plastic which are both considered safe for those with allergies. After the initial 6-8 week healing period it will be time to change out of the piercing studs and into regular, standard size earrings. For those with nickel allergies we urge our clients to only wear Blomdahl earrings for at least the first year so they can be assured they do not have any exposure to nickel. In our experience, even people with the most severe nickel allergy can still comfortably wear Blomdahl medical-grade earrings. We carry a large selection of Blomdahl earrings for medically sound ear piercings, in the office. They are also available online at

After the 6-week period, what kind of earrings should I wear?

For the first year after your ear piercing, we recommend 14k/18k/22k gold, platinum or Blomdahl® medical-grade earrings.

Sterling silver earrings (nickel free) can also be worn, although there is a small risk of reaction to the copper (“filler metal”) they may contain. Avoid stainless steel, brass and all costume jewelry as they may contain nickel as the "filler" metal. The risk of developing a nickel allergy is at its greatest during the first year after an ear piercing, therefore it is important to limit exposure to nickel at this time.

What types of Piercing earrings do you use?

We use pure, homogenous, medical-grade titanium and medical-grade plastic earrings which are both considered the safest hypoallergenic earrings to use.

Why shouldn't I rotate the piercing studs?

Your newly pierced ears will heal faster and will be less prone to infection if they are not touched. Rotating may cause irritation of the newly pierced holes. The medical-grade earrings we use will NOT adhere to skin as it heals, so there is no need to worry about skin “sticking” to the earrings.

What is the best age to pierce my baby's ears?

If you get your child’s first ear piercing done by ear piercing professionals using hypoallergenic earrings, then you could get your child’s first ear piercing as early as 2 months old!

Note: Please confirm with your pediatrician before getting your infant’s ears pierced.



Hypoallergenic, Nickel-free, Sterile We purchase our earrings exclusively from Blomdahl®.

Blomdahl: Blomdahl piercing studs, manufactured in Sweden, are only available through medical practitioners. All Blomdahl piercing studs are made from either medical-grade titanium or medical-grade plastic. Safety backings are made of smooth medical-grade plastic.

14k/18k Gold: For needle piercings (ages 16+) we use 14k/18k gold with gold and silicone backings as well as implant-grade (ASTM F-136) titanium with labret (flat back) style earrings.

We also carry a full selection of Blomdahl® hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings and 14k/18k gold earrings that can be worn after the piercing studs are removed.


Medical-grade materials, Swarovski crystals

There are several different styles of Blomdahl piercing studs to choose from. (See photos below for some examples.) Keep in mind these are temporary and are meant to be worn for only 6-8 weeks.

For needle piercings the selection includes gold or titanium studs with Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia or diamonds (additional cost). Labret style (last photo on the right) have fixed flat backs and interchangeable heads.

Piercing studs are included in the piercing price. Some gold earrings may have an additional cost.


Founding Pair Piercing Inc Registered Nurse, Michelle Magdo, graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Studio Art and Political Science. Michelle’s artistic eye helps for the perfect placement for your daughter’s important first ear piercing.

Michelle, started her career at Goldman Sachs and then went on to Nursing School in New York at The College of New Rochelle. Michelle is a registered nurse with extensive pediatric care experience at many of the top New York City hospitals including Mount Sinai.

Michelle is warm and kind and caring, and often stops in to follow up when clients have questions or concerns post-piercing. Michelle brings joy and celebration as well as medical excellence to an important milestone for girls!

Michelle has two children, one is a tween aged daughter, whose ears she pierced!

Michelle is a member of American Nurses Association (ANA).