4 things to know before piercing her ears.

Ear piercing is a rite of passage for most American girls. As a parent, you want to make sure everything is perfect and, more importantly, safe.

Decide when the time is right

When should your daughter get her ears pierced? This can vary based on many factors including cultural norms. Since after-care is crucial, some experts recommend waiting until she can assume the responsibility of properly caring for her ears. Unsure if your daughter is ready for that responsibility? Try making a deal: If she can hande a specific chore every day for six weeks without being reminded, that will prove her ability to care for her piercings properly.

Prepare for aftercare ahead of time

Of course, you can’t leave all aftercare up to her! You should be prepared to step in and gently guide your daughter through the process of caring for her newly pierced ears. For the first 6 weeks after piercing, we recommend:
• Washing with antibacterial liquid soap and water 1-2x per day
• Cleaning with saline solution or aftercare wipes 2-3x per day
• Avoiding the use of alcohol, peroxide, or bar soap on the piercing site
• Not wearing tight, heavy, or nickel-based earrings

Carefully choose your piercing location

One of the biggest risks with ear piercing is the risk of infection. This risk can be mitigated by carefully selecting the right professional and location. Consider the following:
Training: Look for someone who has been well-trained and is willing to tell you where and how they learned to pierce ears.
Cleanliness: Look at the establishment beforehand. Avoid studios that are disorganized or dirty. Look for a clean facility or consider an at-home ear piercing.
Ask about the procedure: Ask the professional what types of tools they will use, and to describe the steps they will take to minimize the risk of tissue damage and infection.
Research: In many cases, you can learn about a professional’s reputation by reading reviews online from past customers.

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